Can an Agile approach heal abnormal systems ?

Inefficiency is a big problem in every organization. Inefficiency means illness of your organizations. One of the root causes of inefficiency is waste.In order realize the waste points in your organization, the first step is to visualize your tasks and processes. Shorty you have to feel the pain in order to get into action. Shortly what is meant mean by saying visualisation ? Transferring ~200 pages of requirement document is wasteful because it is not easily understandable. By using hand drawings and colors to represent yourself to recipient is more efficient. The world is becoming more complex place than ever so we need to find new ways of communication. Visualisation is the first step to eliminating waste (or muda ). Also we started to use visualisation techniques in our Kanban training programs. We recommend this approach to you. Between 2010 - 2015, I worked as a consultant in Toyota and I 've seen the concrete implementation of Lean philosophy there. Core of the lean concept is all about elimination of waste waste. Why is elimination of waste so important for Toyota ? What happens if an organisation is wasting its resources ? In other words not using its resources efficiently. This means organisation is going to fail soon. For example : Is Microsoft using its resource %100 efficient ? Example from our body : Cells Lets look at the problem from another perspective : How our cells are working ? What are the underlying principles ? In order to distinguish a normal cell from cancer cell. Physician monitor efficiency of the cells. One normal cell can transform 1 molecule of glucose in 32 ATP, but a cancer cell can only transform 2 ATP from 1 glucose. Huge difference. That difference can be observed by magnetic resonance imaging process [1]. Inefficiency or waste can be the symptoms of big systematic problems Defects are from the system, not the people In one of my of the trainings, one of the attendees stated : In our company there are 5 problematic person. If we fire them then we fix the problem and we are going to be very lean. I said to him that, if you would fire those people again you won't fix the problem from the root. Your company's culture (abnormality of the system) transforms good people into problematic people. In other words company generates abnormal cells. Killing the cells won't fix the problem. You have change the culture of the company. A bad system will beat a good person every time. W. Edwards Deming Can an Agile approach heal abnormal systems ? Every organisation is unique and has unique problems. Applying the same agile principle to every organisation is a good way ? In my next blog I will share more info about this topic. See you Resources [1] : Prof. Dr. Bülent Berkarda