Three new Kanban Coaching Professionals (KCPs) accepted

LeanKanban University accepted 3 new Kanban Coaching Professionals (KCP) on November 5 during the Lean Kanban Central Europe 2013 conference in Hamburg, Germany.  

The Kanban Coaching Professional program offers a professional designation for people coaching Kanban for organizations. These coaches may be embedded within single organizations or operate as independent consultants.


Christophe Achouiantz

Christophe Achouiantz is a French Lean/Agile coach working for Sogeti at Sandvik IT Services in Sweden. His background is in Agile with XP and Scrum with a current focus on the Kanban Method in combination with Toyota Kata. Christophe is the author of “Kanban Kick Start Guide”, for coaches piloting kanban within organizations.  His public speaking has included his 2011 “Igniting Change in 20 teams within 6 months” and his 2013 talk “Lessons Learned from Coaching 50+ Kanban Teams”.  Christophe has an active blog and has written extensively about Depth of Kanban.  He lives in Borlange, Sweden. Twitter: @ChrisAch

Thomas Epping

Dr. Thomas Epping works as a Senior IT Consultant at codecentric  He has presented on Kanban at the PM Symposium in Vienna, the PM Forum in Nuremburg, and the #lwipcgn Kanban Konferenz in Cologne.  In 2012, he taught the “Moderne Methoden für die Organisation von Softwareprojekten” seminar at the University of Hagen, teaching agile and lean methods.  He has written numerous articles and publications including “Kanban für die Softwareentwicklung” in 2011 and the 2013 article for SIGS Datacom “Über den Wert von Werten: Die Motivation hinter der Organisation” (“The Value of Values​​: The Motivation Behind the Organization”).  He lives in Cologne, Germany and is active in the Limited WIP Society, Cologne.  Twitter: @thomasepping

Alexei Zheglov

Alexei Zheglov has over 15 years of experience in the software industry. Starting as a hands-on software engineer, he has evolved into a Lean-Agile change agent as he learned to see problems in software delivery systems for much of the last ten years. Alexei's interests are Lean systems in software development, IT and other types of knowledge work, Agile engineering practices and software craftsmanship. He lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and is the organizer of the local Limited WIP Society group. Together with several other coaches and change agents, Alexei is currently leading Lean/Agile change in a software company of about 700 people. Alexei frequently blogs, participates in community forums, and does public speaking about Kanban and about Lean techniques such as A3, in Canada and around the world.  Twitter: @az1


The process to become a LeanKanban University Kanban Coaching Professional includes completion of a Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass; an application, references, and written submission; and a panel interview with KCP Advisory Board members.  The KCP applicant is evaluated on their experience helping organizations succeed with Kanban, and how they have actually implemented kanban systems.  The applicant must demonstrate core knowledge of the Kanban Method including foundational principles, system mechanics, metrics, models for improvement, and their approach to organizational context and evolution.

Once accepted, a Kanban Coaching Professional is listed on the LeanKanban University website Coaches directory at  They may use the KCP badge and otherwise publicize that they have been granted this status.   Coaches are invited to participate in industry events including Kanban Leadership Retreats and “Ask a KCP” consulting sessions offered at Lean Kanban Conferences worldwide.  KCPs represent LeanKanban University as they interact with clients and with the wider community.

Congratulations to these new KCPs!