Kanban Maturity Model

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Mon, Apr 26, 2021 to Fri, Apr 30, 2021
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Kanban Maturity Model

Summary: This course is designed for KMP’s or those who have already successfully implemented a Kanban system and would like to learn about the Kanban Maturity Model and how it can be used to grow and improve Kanban implementations. This course focuses on different practices, culture, and values involved in each step of organizational maturity.


  •  Be able to determine the maturity level of the organization you work with in terms of observable behaviors, management practices, and business outcomes
  •   Learn to determine and appropriately implement the Kanban practices that will help the organization deliver better on customer expectations and internal objectives as well as develop the culture of adaptability and continuous improvement
  •  Discover how to find the right approach to lead the organization’s evolution up to ML4


Format: This course is available online in a blended learning format. Students will have access and be expected to watch recorded video lectures and read case studies before joining the live class. The course meets live during the scheduled times to allow students to participate in various interactive activities and discussion.