Kanban System Design

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Tue, Sep 21, 2021 to Thu, Sep 23, 2021
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Kanban System Design

Kanban System Design is an interactive course showing you how to adopt Kanban practices in an evolutionary manner - with creative and insightful ways to visualise your existing processes, see the bottlenecks and waste and identify the next improvements to make.

The course shows you how Kanban fits within the Agile context and how it complements your existing Agile or non-Agile ways of working.
You will leave with practical insights on how to implement or improve Kanban within your organisation.

About Your Trainer:
Helen is an outgoing and driven coach and trainer who is passionate about working with Individuals, teams and organisations on their road to agility. Helen has working with many varied organisations and teams in many different industries and brings this vast wealth of experience and knowledge to her training and coaching.

Helen has a holistic approach to coaching operating with individual team members, whole teams, leaders, managers and executives across technical and non-technical departments.  You will often find her working with clients on rolling out enterprise level Kanban or Scrum.

Helen is proud to be an Accredited Kanban Trainer with the Lean Kanban University and runs regular classes publicly and privately.  Not forgetting her roots Helen is a regular trainer for Agile and Scrum.

Helen is a great believer in sharing her knowledge and encouraging other to do the same and enjoys growing the Agile and Kanban communities. She has many achievements under her belt including:

  • Founding the Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE) and Kanban Coaching Exchange (KCE) user groups. These are two of the most vibrant user groups in London, getting up to 70 people at the sessions each month. 
  • Active speaker and participation at the Scrum Gatherings, XP,  Lean Kanban and Agile Business Conferences
  • Being an organiser for the first ever European Scrum Alliance Coaching Retreat

Helen is an authentic coach with many years of real, practical experience and war wounds from her own Agile journey. This is what makes Helen the ideal coach, trainer and leader.