Certified Lean Kanban Foundation

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Mon, Sep 15, 2014 to Tue, Sep 16, 2014
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Kanban System Design (KMP I)

Certified Lean Kanban Foundation is an interactive 2-day course showing you how to adopt Kanban practices in an evolutionary manner - with creative and insightful ways to visualise your existing processes, see the bottlenecks and waste and identify the next improvements to make.

The course shows you how Kanban fits within the Agile context and how it complements your existing Agile or non-Agile ways of working.

You will leave with practical insights on how to implement or improve Kanban within your organisation.

About Your Trainers

The Training will be conducted by two accredited trainers : Dan Brown and Helen Meek

Dan Brown is a Kanban and Agile Coach and Trainer. He specialises in training using games, exercises, and experiences to allow learning to develop and be reinforced by attendees, and in coaching organisations and teams to adopt kanban systems and agile practices.  @KanbanDan

Helen Meek is an experienced Kanban & Agile Coach with a passion for helping people, teams and organisations succeed and meet their full potential. With a strong history of delivering software utilising multiple software methods she brings a vast amount of experience to organisations she works with and the training she provides. @Helen_J_Meek