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Tue, Nov 17, 2015 to Wed, Nov 18, 2015
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Kanban System Design

Description: Are you finding the demands to your team overwhelming and the process chaotic? Are your customers saying your team takes too long to deliver or that they have no idea what your team is busy doing? Do you have a growing backlog with requests months to years old? Are people with critical skills not available when you need them? Do you feel like priorities are changing all the time? On top of your ever-growing delivery workload, are you able to develop the capabilities of your team? This interactive 2-day workshop shows how the Kanban Method helps individuals, teams, and programs to manage and improve the delivery of products or services to customers. You will learn the core concepts and will practice the design of a Kanban system via group exercises, practical examples, and engaging classroom type teaching. You will also learn how to use Kanban to reduce work delivery times, prioritize demand based on team capacity, reduce firefighting and minimize the negative effects of unplanned work. You will also see how within months of using Kanban systems, teams worldwide pulled themselves out of common sinkholes and significantly improved cycle times, quality, trust with customers and team morale. Included in this course is an e-book copy of David Anderson’s Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business. The workshop reflects the theory outlined in this book. After successful completion of this course, attendees will receive a membership to the Lean Kanban University (LKU), a certificate of completion and access to the members’ only sections of the LKU website. The course is taught by Dragos Dumitriu, one of the leading experts in Kanban. Either as a hands-on manager or as a consultant, Dragos helped organizations worldwide dramatically improve their processes, helped customers thrive, CIOs win awards, and indirectly supported the development of a new field that is generating best of class books, tools, and success stories. His innovative work at Microsoft ten years ago paved the road for what is known today as Software Kanban Systems. The story is described in chapter 4 of David Anderson’s book. Currently, Dragos manages the Agile training and consulting practice for CC Pace, a business and IT consulting company headquartered in Fairfax, VA. Who Should Attend: This course is for IT workers and managers, business analysts, program and project managers. The course is often attended by Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches who want to broaden their agile toolkit. Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites. This course is appropriate for leadership and team members regardless of their current practices and techniques, including but not limited to: Agile practices, COTS Implementations, Waterfall, RUP and IT Operations. Course Topics: •Kanban System Design •Classes of Service •Workflow Mapping •Visualization •Theory of Constraints •Risk Management •Kanban Metrics •Case Studies •Kanban Simulation Learning Objectives: Working in small teams, class attendees will learn the end-to-end process for analyzing and designing a Kanban system and how using this service-delivery approach can help unify teams and promote cross-functional collaboration. They will learn the basic concepts of flow, pull, and collaborative improvement. At the end of the training, participants will understand: •How to identify and address bottlenecks •How to work with shifting priorities •How to deal with interrupt work and multi-tasking The class is presented in the form of intensive, non-technical exercises organized in small groups, games, classroom teaching and discussion.