Kanban Cadences

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Thu, Mar 24, 2016 to Fri, Mar 25, 2016
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Kanban Systems Improvement

Objective of the class:

Learn how to improve agility with asymmetrical commitment and cadences. The class also covers recommended meetings, handling metrics, and setting policy.

Who should attend?

Team members in professional services organizations where their employer wishes to explore and pursue an alternative path to agility. Those who feel overburdened and wish to find some respite to enable them to "get things done" with quality, improved speed, and predictability. Managers and team members who need help focusing on what to work on now, what to leave until later and what to discard altogether. Those who want relief from overburdening so that they can take pride of workmanship and feel proud of doing good quality work in an effective manner.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Building an Information Flow: the 7 Cadences
  • Dealing with resistance to WIP limits
  • Understand asymmetrical commitment
  • Rollout phases for a kanban initiative
  • Developing a service orientation
  • Kanban Values: a different approach to introducing kanban
  • Scumban case study
  • Managing evolutionary change


Attendees should have successfully completed the Introduction to Kanban or Team Kanban Practitioner classes and Kanban Systems Design. Attendees should become familiar with the Kanban Method and a conceptual overview of the full "alternative path to agility.” Course participants are encouraged to have read the book Kanban by David J. Anderson or Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows.


Led by Brendan Wovchko of HUGE I/O, an Accredited Kanban Trainer, successful completion of this course will result in a certificate of completion issued by Lean Kanban University — recognized globally as the leading certifying body for Kanban professionals.

All attendees will receive: