KMP I - Kanban Systems Design in Delhi, IN

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Wed, May 25, 2016 to Thu, May 26, 2016
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Kanban System Design (KMP I)

This training class is brought to you in close partnership with Innovationroots.
The class is delivered by a team of 2 AKTs. Co-trainer will be Suman Paramkusham Venkata.

The class is for managers, leaders, team members, coaches, who want to learn the full set of concepts, practices and management tools around the Kanban Method, applicable for their own environment. You learn in depth, how to dramatically improve the delivery capabilities of your organization. Via many hands-on exercises and simulations you experience, how to foster flow of value creation in your organization, projects and processes. Practical case studies demonstrate a systemic approach for introducing or improving Kanban in various technology or creative oriented business scenarios. During the class you shape your own Kanban System Design or create an improvement approach for an existing one.


  • Meet the background of Kanban as modern management approach
  • Understand Kanban via its values, principles and practices together with hands-on case studies
  • Learn a well proven approach for designing own Kanban systems
  • Learn various concepts for business decision making around products and services via Kanban
  • Learn how to prepare and implement a Kanban initiative and drive evolutionary change
  • Take with you a set of briefings, exercises and tools, you can apply back home in your own organization


  • The Kanban body of knowledge. Kanban principles, practices and values
  • Systemic analysis of stakeholder landscape, sources of dissatisfaction and development of options to improve service delivery
  • Techniques for effective visualization of knowledge work and collaboration
  • Applying a pull system, variations for limiting WIP and managing flow
  • Risk management with service classes and cost of delay
  • Feedback-Loops (incl. Toyota Kata), organizational fitness metrics and reporting
  • Kanban system design via STATIK - the "Systems Thinking Approach for Introducing Kanban"
  • Aspects for scaling via Kanban (with optional reference to LeSS and SAFe)

Should you be interested in more details about the KMP Program, please get in contact with us.