Team Kanban Practitioner

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Wed, Nov 01, 2017
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Team Kanban Practitioner
TKP | Team Kanban Practitioner | Miami, FL

Team Kanban Practitioner - Getting Started with Visualization and Limiting Work-in-progressis a highly interactive one-day entry-level course accredited by the Lean-Kanban University (LKU) and start implementing Kanban at Team Level. Participants will gain sufficient knowledge about the Kanban Method and related topics to get started with introducing Kanban on the existing process and taking that first steps to making it successful.


What will you learn?


Participants will learn about:

  • Various styles of team kanban board
  • How to choose the correct style board for their current way of working.
  • How to collaborate when practicing Kanban at the team level.
  • Implement a Team Kanban Board and get started.
  • A fuller appreciation of service delivery workflow and kanban pull systems
  • Understand the need of why advancing to the next stage of Kanban Management Professional is an important and valuable step on their journey to be agile.


What will you receive?


  • Professional Credential TKP (Team Kanban Practitioner) and Certificate from Lean-Kanban University (LKU)
  • Membership of the Lean-Kanban University (LKU)
  • Course materials
  • 7 Scrum Education Units (SEU’s) can be claimed for this course and used as part of your Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional application.
  • 7 PDUs.




  • Introduction to the Kanban Method
  • Meanings of Kanban
  • Principles & Practices
  • Basic kanban concepts
    • Visual Board
    • Local Cycle Time Metrics
    • WIP
    • Delivery Rate & Little's Law
  • Game Simulation
  • Proto-Kanban
    • Personal Kanban
    • Team Kanban
  • Design a Ticket
  • Design a Kanban Board
  • Risk Dimensions
  • WIP limits
  • Commitment and Replenishment
  • Feedback loops - standup & replenishment
  • Explanation of service delivery workflow kanban
  • Proto-kanban versus full kanban system
  • Overview of STATIK