Kanban Management Professional (KMP2)

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Mon, Dec 11, 2017 to Tue, Dec 12, 2017
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Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP II)

“Kanban Management Professional” is a 2-day advanced level course that will help participants build on their existing knowledge of Kanban Method and will help them take their current Kanban implementation to the next level.

After completion of training you will gain practical insights on how to:

  • Guide a team in their adoption of Kanban
  • Embrace a service-delivery mindset and help the team Identify and reduce the bottlenecks that obstruct their development process
  • Learn how to measure and use meaningful kanbanmetrics like Flow Efficiency, Lead Time Distribution, Control Chart and Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)
  • Learn how to conduct effective Kanban meetings – service delivery review, operations review and risk review
  • Evolve the process and practices in collaboration with team to ensure the service delivery model is “fit for purpose”



This is an advanced training on Kanban Method and requires participants to have completed Kanban System Design (KMP1). To know more about Kanban System Design (KMP1), please visit www.izenbridge.com/kanban/kanban-system-training-kmp-1/

In addition to KMP1, participants are encouraged to have read the following two Kanban books:

  1. 1. “Kanban” by David J Anderson
  2. 2. “Kanban from the Inside” by Mike Burrows


Training Deliverables

This certified Kanban training is designed as a hands-on workshop and uses various exercises andsimulation games alongside instructor-led discussions and presentations. The training deliverables include:

  • “Kanban Management Professional” certificate from Lean-Kanban University (LKU)
  • Electronic copy of the course slides
  • Electronic copy of the book “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” by David J. Anderson
  • Membership of the Lean-Kanban University (LKU) and access to the members’ only sections of the LKU website.


Target Audience

This course is an intermediate to advanced level program relevant for anyone looking for new proven ways to optimize the flow of knowledge work:

  • Project Managers and Senior Project Managers
  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Portfolio or Program Managers or Directors
  • Project Management Consultants and Trainers
  • Agile Coaches and Consultants
  • Process Engineers
  • Heads of PMO
  • Team leads and team members who wish to develop their manegement skills