Kanban Coaching Practices

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Mon, Jan 18, 2021 to Thu, Jan 21, 2021
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Kanban Coaching Practices

Summary: This class is for students who have learned about the KMM and STATIK and want to learn the coaching practices needed to implement them. The course covers evolutionary change, social psychology, and understanding cultural context. Students will finish the course knowing how to drive incremental change and provide pragmatic, actionable guidance. 


·      Learn to leverage the specific Kanban Coaching Practices to effectively implement the coaching tools of STATIK and the KMM

·      Learn to use the Evolutionary Change Model in conjunction with KMM to drive incremental change

·      Understand social psychology and incremental/evolutionary change

·      Understand cultural context and know the right leverage points to maximize the chance of successful, institutionalized change

·      Learn how to approach leaders with relevant, pragmatic guidance

Format: This course is available online in a blended learning format. Students will have access and be expected to watch recorded video lectures and read case studies before joining the live class. The course meets live during the scheduled times to allow students to participate in various interactive activities and discussion.