Change Leadership Masterclass

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Mon, Mar 15, 2021 to Fri, Mar 19, 2021
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Change Leadership Masterclass

Summary: This class offers a unique opportunity of five days of intensive training with David Anderson. The course covers advanced topics and is for students who are interested in looking at topics of evolutionary change, leadership, identity, and trust in depth.


·       Understand identity-related resistance to change

·       Understand the relationship between trust, organizational maturity, and economic performance.

·       Learn how to repair broken trust relationships and re-establish functional working relationships

·       Learn to recognize levels of leadership maturity and how they affect organizational maturity and capability

·       Learn how and when it is appropriate to lead by signaling, by inspiration, by example, and by direction. Understand the leadership risks and timescales for each approach

Format: This course is different with its level of interaction Students will have access to and be expected to watch recorded video lectures and read case studies before joining the live class. Along with course videos, this course also utilizes different popular films to encourage discussion. Students should come to the live version having seen the films to be able to participate in activities. The course meets live during the scheduled times to allow students to participate in various interactive activities and discussion.