David J Anderson School of Management

Founded in 2008 the David J Anderson School of Management gives managers a fresh way of interpreting the world around them and equips managers with the skills they need in order to lead with confidence and manage with competence. The fundamental principles of our management training enable greater organizational agility through managed evolutionary change, rather than defined or designed processes.  Our passion lies in helping people produce better business results for their customers, their employees, and their owners. 

Our solutions enable managers to become successful leaders, making confident decisions for greater agility and resilience through evolutionary change.

Our management training is focused solely on professional services, intangible goods business – any business where the work is often invisible from view (until a final product is available e.g. advertising campaign, engineering designs for construction, software application, geological survey report, the offer of a bank loan) and where the people are primarily paid to think and make decisions, rather than perform any specific physical task. Anything that can be construed as a service involving intangible goods as deliverables i.e. you can deliver the product via email, and not in a pizza box by courier.

Our services include; 

  • Leadership Development
  • Training and Development for consultants, coaches and change agents
  • Management Training
  • Custom Training Courses
  • Executive Summaries 
  • Kanban University Certified Training