LKU Certified Kanban Training Roadmap

Lean Kanban University offers a full catalog of certified Kanban courses taught by LKU accredited providers around the world. We have the widest course content with hundreds of techniques which have been tested in all kinds of organizations. If you work in technology development or operations, sales, marketing, legal, HR, finance, insurance, design, military, education, media, government, customer support, research, or other professional services, we have training that is informed by real customers in your industry who use Kanban.

Considerations when choosing a class

  • What problem are you trying to solve with Kanban? LKU classes target various kinds of organizational maturity and issues. What kind of approach does your organization need?
  • What does your organization want? Maybe a small, limited implementation of Kanban is most suitable. Maybe you would prefer to have your own internal Kanban coaches. We offer a variety of training options to suit your needs.
  • What is your experience with Kanban? How much do you know about it? Most LKU classes are accessible even to those with very limited experience or knowledge of Kanban. LKU offers introductory-level through trainer-level classes. Even experienced Kanban practitioners will learn techniques and ideas from any of our classes.
  • Is there a status you want to achieve? Do you want a professional credential? All classes offer a certificate of completion verifying high quality Lean Kanban training, and now we also offer credential certificates for practitioners and managers.

What is your "Agenda"?

When choosing a Kanban class, consider the immediate needs of your business. We call these the 3 Kanban Agendas.
Different classes in our curriculum cover different Agendas. Which Agenda is your focus right now?

Sustainability - Keep your head above water! Organize and manage your work. Finally work at a sustainable pace.
Service Orientation - Improve your performance, quality, and satisfaction. Be more responsive to your internal and external customers.
Business Survivability - Be more competitive in the market. Achieve your strategic goals. Build a culture of ongoing improvement.

Kanban Training Roadmap

Professional Credentials
In addition to the Lean Kanban University certificate of completion that comes with each of our courses, you can earn credential certificates for Team Kanban Practitioner and Kanban Management Professional. Show your employer or your clients that you have taken top quality certified Kanban training from Lean Kanban University. These credentials can be listed on your own online profile and your business card.

The Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential is for those who have gone through the complete KMP Foundations program. These highly interactive classes will show you how to get results when you add Kanban to any process you currently use. These classes are great for technology workers but also valuable for anyone working with professional services: finance, marketing, sales, HR or any services field such as military, government, insurance, finance, education, and healthcare.

Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential

Kanban System Design (2 day class)
KMP Foundations I

Kanban Management Professional (2 day class)
KMP Foundations II

  • Understanding the Kanban Method
  • How to design a kanban system for your unique work situation
  • Visual board design and ticket design
  • Working in a pull system
  • Levers for improving agility
  • Experience a kanban simulation
  • Microsoft outsource service case study

  • Building an Information Flow
  • Dealing with resistance to WIP limits
  • Understanding asymmetrical commitment
  • Rollout phases for a kanban initiative
  • Kanban Values: a different approach to introducing kanban
  • Managing evolutionary change
  • Scumban case study